George W Bush

George W Bush:

Introduction to George W Bush:

George Walker Bush was born on 6 July 1946. He is an American businessman and politician. Who served as the United States 43rd President from 2001 to 2009. The representative of the Republican Party from 1995 to 2000. Bush had also worked as Texas’ 46th Governor. His father, George H. W. Bush, was born into the Bush family and served as the 41st US president from 1989 to 1993. He is the younger child of Barbara and George H. W. Bush. He is the second son to become President of the United States after his father, the first one being John Quincy Adams. He has worked in the oil industry. Bush was one of the most popular, as well as unpopular, US presidents in history. He achieved the highest favorable ratings in the incident of the 9/11 attacks. But one of the lowest in the financial crisis of 2008. Bush completed his second presidential term in 2009 and returned to Texas. He released his memoir, Decision Points, in 2010. It’s Presidential Library opened in 2013. His presidency is among the worst in the history polls ratings. Although his favorable ratings have enhanced since he left office.

The early life of George W Bush:

George W Bush was born at Yale, New Haven Hospital in New Haven on July 6, 1946. He was the first son of George Herbert Walker Bush and Barbara Pierce. He brought up in Houston and Midland, Texas. He has four siblings Neil, Jeb, Marvin, and Dorothy. In 1953 one of his younger sisters, Robin, died of leukemia at the age of three. His grandfather, Prescott Bush, was a U.S. Senator from Connecticut. Bush’s father was the vice-chairman of Ronald Reagan. He also served as the 41st president of the United States from 1989 to 1993.

Student life:

Bush attended public school in Midland, Texas. Right after he had finished middle school, the family moved to Houston. He then spent some time at the Kinkaid School. Bush attended high school at the Phillips Academy. He did an internship in Andover, Massachusetts. Where he played baseball and was the chief cheerleader during his final year. Bush joined Harvard Business college in the fall of 1973. After the rejection of his application to the University of Texas School of Law. He received his MBA degree in 1975. He is the only president of the United States to have done MBA.

Bush personal life:

In 1967, Bush engaged with Cathryn Lee Wolfman but the engagement didn’t last. Once the relationship ended, Bush and Wolfman stayed on friendly terms. In1977, when Bush was at a barbecue in the backyard his friends introduced him to Laura Welch. She was a librarian and schoolteacher. She accepted his wedding proposal after a three-month friendship. Then they married on November 5 of that year. The couple settled in Midland, Texas. Bush left the Episcopal Church of his family to join the United Methodist Church of his wife. Laura Bush gave birth to her fraternal twin daughters on 25 November 1981.

Hoppies of Bush:

Throughout his adult life, Bush was a voracious reader, favoring biographies and stories. He wrote 14 biographies of Lincoln and wrote 186 books during the last three years of his presidency. Bush read the Bible during his tenure.

Military career of the bush:

Bush had been elected into the Texas Air National Guard in May 1968. He allocated to Houston after two years of training in active-duty service. That is flying Convair F-102s out of the Ellington Field Joint Reserve Base with the 147th Reconnaissance Wing. In 1972, Bush barred from flying for failing to take a scheduled physical test. Discharged in an honorable way on 21 November 1974 from the Air Force Reserve.

Business career:

In 1977, Bush started a small oil exploration company, Arbusto Energy. Though this did not start operations until the following year. Finally, he renamed the firm as Bush Exploration. His firm entered into a joint venture with the larger Spectrum 7 in 1984. In April 1989, Bush organized for an investor group to buy a controlling stake in the Texas Rangers baseball franchise for $89 million and invested $500,000 himself to start. He then functioned as managing general partner for five years. He led the team’s initiatives in an enthusiastic way and frequently watched their games.

Beginning of political career:

In 1978, Bush ran from Texas’ 19th congressional district for the House of Representatives. In 1988, Bush and his family moved to Washington, to serve on his father’s US presidential campaign. He acted as a campaign adviser, media consultant. He supported his father by campaigning his popularity over the country.


Bush announced his candidacy for Texas governor election in 1994. At the same time as his brother, Jeb was seeking Florida governorship. His campaign focused on four themes. These were reforming healthcare, eliminating slavery, reducing violence, and improving education. Bush met progressive democratic representative Governor Ann Richards after winning the Republican primary. During the campaign, Bush vowed to sign a bill authorizing Texans to get licenses to carry concealed guns. Richards had vetoed a bill but when he became governor, Bush signed into law.

In 1998, Bush secured elections with a historic 66 percent of the vote. He became the first elected governor in Texas history to two successive four-year terms. For most of Texas history, governors represented two-year terms, a new constitution extended those terms to four years starting in 1975. In his second term, Bush encouraged faith-based organizations and enjoyed high popularity.

Bush and presidential campaigns:

Democratic candidate president Bill Clinton was in his second and final term. Also, the sector for candidacy in both parties was completely open. Bush was the Governor of Texas in June 1999 when he declared his candidacy for president.

Bush represented himself as a progressive with compassion. He stated that he was more socialist than other Republicans. He ran on a platform that included bringing back integrity and honor to the White House. It increased the size of the U.S. Armed Forces, tax cuts, helping minorities, and invested more in education.

Bush won the Iowa primaries, and while he was in favor of winning the New Hampshire primary. He accompanied McCain 19 percent and lost that primary. Despite this, Bush struggle hard and became the front runner after the primary South Carolina, according to political observers.

2000’s and 2004 general elections:

Bush shocked some analysts on July 25, 2000. When he picked Dick Cheney, a former White House chief of staff and Defense Secretary to be his running mate. Cheney at the time served as the head of the vice-presidential search committee for Bush. Shortly, the Republican Party appointed Bush and Cheney at the 2000 Republican National Convention.

Bush dominated wide support in the Republican Party in his 2004 campaign for re-election. He struggled to face a primary challenge. He selected campaign manager Karl Rove and Ken Mehlman to develop a political plan. Bush and the Republican platform highlighted a deep commitment to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He provided help for the US PATRIOT Act. A revived a shift in the policy of constitutional amendments. The act prohibited abortion and same-sex marriage, reforming social security to create private investment accounts, creating ownership societies, and opposing compulsory carbon regulations.

The Bush campaign has advertised against Democratic candidates across the U.S.Kerry. The other republican voters attacked Bush on the Iraq War, accusing him of failing to stimulate the economy and development in jobs.

The Bush campaign depicted Kerry as a conservative democrat who would increase the size of government and raise taxes. The Bush campaign attacked Kerry’s seemingly contradictory comments on the war in Iraq. It claimed that Kerry lacked the assertiveness and direction required for success in the War on Terror. Bush appointed Porter Goss to head the agency after CIA director George Tenet resigned in 2004. The White House requested Goss to purge officers of agencies. Who were unfaithful to the government.

Bush held 31 out of 50 states during the election, receiving a total of 286 total delegates. He won the election by a majority. Bush’s father George W Bush was the former president who won an absolute plurality of the vote, that meets the achievement in the 1988 election.

Presidential period of the Bush:

George W Bush had proposed an aggressive domestic agenda. But after the attacks on September 11, his goals were drastically altered. Wars have waged in Afghanistan and Iraq. There have been significant domestic debates over immigration, health care, social security, economic policy, and the handling of terrorist prisoners. Bush’s once-high approval ratings have been declining over eight years. While his hostility rates have increased. In 2007, the United States entered the longest following world war 2 recession.

Bush and domestic policy:

Economic reforms:

Bush assumed office in the fallout of the dot-com bubble burst during a financial crisis period. The terrorist attacks influenced the economy as well. His government increased expenditures by the federal government from 1,789 trillion dollars to 2,983 trillion dollars. Voluntary spending on defense expanded by 107 percent, spending on Medicare by 131%, discretionary governmental spending by 62%, social security by 51%, and spending on income security by 130%.

From 2001 to 2008, GDP increased at an average rate of 2,125 percent, lower than in previous business cycles. Bush entered office at 10,587 with the Dow Jones Industrial Average and peaked at over 14,000 in October 2007. The US entered the prolonged post-second world War in December 2007. That triggered reversal of the housing market, rising oil prices, a subprime mortgage crisis, and a dropping dollar value.

These crisis has caused the greatest joblessness in the United States in 34 years. Many economic experts and governments worldwide have evaluated the situation. It had become the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. According to former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, greater control of the housing sector would have been helpful. Many economic experts and governments worldwide have evaluated the situation. It had become a terrible crisis since the Great Depression. According to former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, greater control of the housing sector would have been helpful. Bush, meanwhile, suggested a proposal to bail out a much part of the U.S. mortgage industry.

Educational and health reforms:

Bush has undertaken a range of academic agendas. Such as allocating funds for the National Science Foundation and NIH in his first years of office. The funds started education programs for American high school students. These strengthen mathematics and scientific grounding. NIH stopped funding in 2006, owing to higher unemployment.

The No Child Left Behind Act, which focused to check and close the wealth gap among student performance. It offers choices for parents with students in low-performing schools. And target more federal funding for low-income schools, was one of the early important steps of the Administration.

In 2005, he launched a National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza to brace the U.S. for a flu pandemic. That resulted in a 2006 Homeland Security Council issued an implementation plan.

Bush signed the Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act into law on 21 May 2008. The bill aimed at shielding Americans from health care and discrimination in jobs based on genetic information from an individual. Before it finally became law, the issue had debated for 13 years. The law’s intentions are to protect people without prejudice to genetic science.

Social services Reforms:

Despite Republican attempts to pass the Medicare Act of 2003, Bush signed the bill. Which made large improvements to the Medicare system. By providing recipients with some help in paying for prescription medications. While relying on private insurers for the provision of benefits.

Environmental strategies:

Upon taking office in 2001, Bush clarified his opposition to the Kyoto Protocol. An ordinance to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. It tries to impose compulsory targets for reducing carbon emissions. The studies showed that the treaty exempted 80 percent of the world ‘s population. It would cost tens of billions of dollars every year.

Funds for biological research:

Since the passage of the Dickey-Wicker Amendment in 1995, federal funding for medical research involving the creation or loss of life embryos through the Department of Health and Human Services and the National Institutes of Health has prohibited by law. Bush said that he supports adult stem cell research. He has sponsored federal legislation that funds research into adult stem cells.

Hurricane Katrina:

Hurricane Katrina struck early in Bush’s presidential run. It was one of US history’s most detrimental natural disasters. Katrina formed at the end of August during the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season. That distraught much of the North Central Gulf Coast of the United States, especially New Orleans.

Terrorist attack:

Bush declared a global war on terror after September 11. The Taliban regime in Afghanistan did not come along with Osama bin Laden. So Bush instructed the invasion of Afghanistan to overthrow the Taliban regime. Dissension and criticism of Bush ‘s administration in the war against terror expanded as the war in Iraq continued. In 2006, the National Intelligence Estimate concluded that the Iraq War had become a celebrated cause for jihadis.

Bush Surveillance program:

On the 11th September terrorist attacks, Bush signed an executive order. It authorized the President’s Surveillance Program. The new guidance permitted the National Security Agency to regulate communications between terror suspects outside the U.S. and parties within the U.S. without getting a warrant that had required by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

Bush assassination attempt:

On May 10, 2005, Vladimir Arutyunian, a native of Georgia, who was born to parents of ethnic Armenians, tossed a live hand grenade at the dais where Bush was speaking at Freedom Square in Tbilisi, Georgia. Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili was sitting nearby. Vladimir managed to land in the crowd about 65 feet from the podium after hitting a girl, but it did not explode.

Bush acknowledgments:

During a formal state visit to Latvia on May 7, 2005, Bush granted the Three Stars Order, presented to him by President Vaira. A few places outside the United States claim the title of Bush. In 2005, the Tbilisi City Council voted to rename the street in honor of the President of the United States. Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves granted Bush the Terra Mariana Order of the Cross for his job in expanding NATO in 2012.

Bush after presidency:


After the presidency of Barack Obama, Bush and his family traveled from Andrews Air Force Base to a homecoming party in Midland, Texas, after which they transferred to their ranch in Crawford, Texas. They purchased a home in the Preston Hollow neighborhood of Dallas, Texas, where they calmed down.

Sometimes, he appears at many events in the Fort Worth area. Most prominent was when he oversaw the beginning coin toss at Dallas Cowboys’ first game at the team’s new Arlington stadium and a visit to a Texas Ranger game in April 2009. Where he thanked the Dallas people for helping him settle in and greeted with a standing ovation.

Relatively low profile:

Since leaving the white house, Bush has kept a low profile. Though, he has made public performances. Most prominent after the launch of his memoirs in 2010 and for the 10th anniversary of the September 11 attacks in 2011. On 9 November 2010, Bush released his memoirs on Decision Points.

During a book-promoting pre-release occasion, Bush said he considered his greatest achievement to be “keep this country safe in the midst of real danger,” and his greatest inability to be his inability to secure the passage of the reform of social welfare.

Bush posted a report on June 1, 2020, highlighting the killing of George Floyd by police. In response to the countrywide reaction and rallies following Floyd ‘s death. Bush wrote in the statement that he and former First Lady Laura Bush “are disturbed by George Floyd ‘s brutal strangulation and distressed by the unfairness and dread that stifles our country.”
Artistic nature of Bush:

After serving as president, Bush started to paint as a hobby after reading the text “Painting as a Pastime” by Winston Churchill. Subjects included men, dogs, and still life. He also designed self-portraits and portraits of global leaders. Such as that of Vladimir Putin and Tony Blair. In February 2017, Bush published a book of portraits of heroes, Portraits of Courage.

Bush legacy:

The legacy of President Bush continues to unfold today. Supporters loan Bush’s anti-terrorism measures to deter another terrorist attack after 9/11 in the US. As well as support various features such as the Medicare drug benefit and the PEPFAR AIDS relief program.

Conservatives also point to his handling of the Iraq war. It includes his inability to locate weapons of mass destruction. That was the key reason for the original invasion. As well as his management of tax reform, climate change, Hurricane Katrina, and the economic collapse of 2008 as evidence that George W Bush was incompetent to preside.

Experts views about Bush presidency:

The George W Bush administration was among the worst in polls conducted in the late 2000s and 2010s by presidential scholars’ ratings. He is no the rank of 39th out of 43 presidents by a 2010 Siena Research Institute study. This study is on the views of historians, presidential scholars, and political scientists. The survey respondents provided low ratings for President Bush. These were on the basis of his handling of the U.S. economy.

His credibility has strengthened amongst the public since the end of his presidency in 2009. In February 2012, Gallup revealed that Americans still rank George W Bush as one of the worst presidents. Though their opinions have been more favorable in the three years since he left office. Since leaving office, Bush had made outstanding gains among senior citizens, non-college whites, and conservative and progressive Democrats. Although the vast majority disagree with his handling of the economy and the Iraq war. His approval rating of 47 percent in the same polling period was equal to that of President Obama. Bush’s public image saw larger benefits starting in 2017. That was perceived as Democrats seeing him more positively in reaction to the presidency of Donald Trump, an evaluation which Bush himself also expressed.

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